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FK Bearing Unit, with various types, are sold in 72 countries in the world. The use of grease nipple angles in different countries are different. After decades of development, the positions and angles of the grease nipples on FK bearing housings are diverse, so it is necessary to further upgrade to make them more convenient to use. In addition, the grease nipples of part products are at the top of the bearing housings at 90 degrees, so the grease nipples cannot be preinstalled when leaving the factory. Users have to spend time on assembly, which brings additional work.

In order to improve the user's experience of using bearing units, FK has decided to upgrade the grease nipples’ positions and angles of the following bearing housing from December 1, 2021.

The new and old differences are as follows:




The improvement is for better users’ experience. If your equipment has special requirements and the current grease nipples’ position cannot meet your needs of re-lubrication, FK will customize it for your demand.

Note: In the transition stage, there are new and old versions of products. All products delivered from FK group are FK genuine products. Please rest assured to use them. Continuous improvement is FK's corporate culture. Your valuable opinions are the direction of our efforts. You can put forward any problems or suggestions encountered in the use process at any time. Thank you.


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FK Bearing Group Co.,Ltd. was orignally founded in 1969 and always focuses on Bearing Units in the past 50 years. FK has complete industrial chain automatic factory of its own, now FK is one of the biggest bearing parts factories in China with annal production and sales up to 18 million pieces.

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